Why a center channel speaker is needed in a surround system

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In today’s world, advanced options are introduced in the home theater surround systems which provides the experience of any theatre or movie at home itself. Modifications such as new audio formats, receivers, and more speakers are added to improve the sound quality. Apart from these modifications, one of the most important needs for any surround system is the center channel speaker.

Center channel speaker

A center channel does the work of delivering vocals and dialogs which is the most important part while watching a movie or listening to any song. It also ensures that the listener experiences sound originally coming from each and every angle at a fixed position.

Surround sound system

A surround sound is basically a system of 5 speakers which are named left front, right front, surround left, surround right, and center. Along with these speakers, a dedicated spot and one subwoofer are also added to the system. Overall the system has 7 important parts. This system is needed to enrich the audio quality for achieving an excellent music experience in any home theatre setup. 

Dedicated Spot

A center channel provides the option of a dedicated spot when added to a surround system. In a surround system, the sound comes distinctly from every speaker. But specifically for the left and right speakers, the sound that each of them produces comes and merges at a dedicated point that is fixed at a particular distance between the speakers. This makes the listener believe that the sound and vocals are coming from a fixed position somewhere between the speakers and not from different angles. 

Advantages of adding center channel to a surround system

There are several advantages of adding a center channel speaker to a surround sound. These are as follows:

  • The center channel speaker is completely separated from the main speakers in the left and right side, therefore, it allows the changing of volume in the center speaker itself without operating it on the left or right front speakers. 
  • There is a desirable spot which provides a much more flexible listening experience. Even while moving around in the room, the vocals or dialogs will still appear to be coming from the same center position of the setup.

How to choose a good Center Channel Speaker

Even though any center channel when equipped with any surround system provides enriched audio quality, there are still many important criteria to look upon in the case you want to buy center channel speakers which best suits all the aspects. Some of them are:

  1. You should always choose the same model and brand for both the main speakers and center channel speakers.  
  2. In a case where similar models or brands aren’t available, you must be able to compensate using its equalization capabilities if your home theater has an automatic speaker setup system.


The main objective of a center channel speaker is to provide a distinct position to blend the vocals and dialogs coming from different sources and ultimately produce a satisfying audio quality. Using a center channel speaker with surround sound will definitely provide the listener with an excellent music experience.

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