What To Consider When Buying a Party Speaker?

party speaker

If you are someone notorious for throwing the best parties of the year, you must already be familiar with a party speaker. A good party speaker can easily lighten up the mood and officially get the ball rolling (or the stones!). A quality sound system that reverberates through the room, combined with good taste in music and champagne is often basal in setting the mood.

There is an entire market huddled with party speakers that can overwhelm a buyer and hamper their decision. There are some considerations that they should make before settling on a party speaker. We have compiled a list of pointers below that can help you in looking for a speaker to enliven your parties the way you want!

The ‘Why’ Factor

Determine why do you need a party speaker and what do you expect it to do for you. Most people buy them to vivify their events and keep their guests entertained. 

If you are someone who is not too tech-savvy, you can consider party speakers that come with built-in EQ panels, amplifiers, and playback functions. With those all-in-one party speakers, you will only have to connect them and play. If you don’t have downloaded music on your devices then you can browse for speakers with a radio feature that can be used as a source of music, especially for outdoor parties.

Sound Quality

Excellent sound production is the most important consideration to make when planning to buy a party speaker. The first thing you should examine is the wattage. We recommended speakers that support 1000 watts or above for exceptional sound quality and volume. These speakers produce clarity in bass and do not distort in higher volumes. However, if you need a speaker for indoor events where the music is not supposed to be too loud, smaller wattage support would do.

Next comes the number of speakers it carries. A basic party speaker would be equipped with tweeters and a subwoofer for bass. The more tweeters and subwoofers a speaker has, the greater the sound and bass would be.

Moreover, a good party speaker should come with an EQ panel to tweak the volume in a precise manner, with smooth switching between the high, low, and mid-frequency. However, you will need to learn how to equalize.

Mode of operation

You should always know how a speaker operates before buying it. Most party speakers are either battery-operated or use electric power. A battery-operated speaker would do if you are looking for a party speaker that can be used outside. Choose a model that has rechargeable and long-lasting batteries since most events last the entire night.


It is important to check how a speaker connects to other devices. A lot of party speakers connect to devices over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB. Furthermore, remote control can be a  bonus feature that will let you control the settings without running across the room. Some party speakers also come with mobile apps that can be used as remote control.


When guests attend a party, they expect maximum fun, and a good party speaker can keep them thoroughly entertained. You just have to make sure the sound has been equalized to maintain the best quality. You can invest in a speaker with good visual effects that match the beat to add a little life to the room. However, the best way to buy anything is to do your homework beforehand and read as many reviews as possible.

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