What makes a good center channel speaker

centre channel speakers

When it comes to a good center channel speaker, there are many conditions that create confusion among people in putting up preferences. An ideal center channel is designed to provide the best quality sound to all the listeners present in a room irrespective of their positions. It is the most required unit of any sound system while watching any movie because the main function it does is to blend the vocals and dialogs and transfer it perfectly to the ears of the listener. 

What are the things to look for in a good center channel speaker? 

There are many things to consider when it comes to a good center channel speaker. The most important features are in terms of design, quality, and of course compatibility with the rest of the speakers. Also, the bass performance and the ability to blend music and dialogs are two essential factors. A center channel with all the mentioned features can be considered a good setup. Manufacturers nowadays are trying to equip advanced methods to modify the center channel speakers which is creating hype among the customers. One such modification is the horizontal woofer-tweeter-woofer arrangement which is basically known as the two-way center design. The demand for such a type of speaker channel is the highest among the people as they easily attract customers with their trendy design. But, if a three-way center speaker is well designed, it stands out alone to become a very good speaker when compared to an effective two-way speaker. A three-way speaker has an arrangement of subwoofer-tweeter-midrange-subwoofer. Though it does not easily attract customers because of its design but in terms of quality, this is the best one to go for. 

Another important thing is to buy a center channel that is perfectly compatible with the main speakers. The best center speaker is the one that is identical to the main right and left pair in terms of brands and models. 

The last thing to keep in mind while buying a center channel speaker is the position where it will be placed. It should be positioned at a place where it will completely blend with the overall system and also the room. Placing it openly somewhere over the floor will look extremely odd. Therefore you should choose the one which is not extremely tall or short and which will fit in any area, mostly under the TV or above a shelf. Also, it should not be very thick. A slim-fit speaker is more likely to look beautiful and blended rather than a thick one.

Things to keep in mind while placing a centre channel speaker

Just adding a center channel speaker to your system will not give the overwhelming experience of good audio. The placing of the speaker also matters a lot because, without proper placement, the system won’t even work effectively. One should not place the speaker at a very high place or a very low height. The most appropriate position is to place the speaker as close as possible to the ear of the listener.


While deciding the features for a good center channel speaker system, one must always keep in mind the first thing, i.e. compatibility of both the speakers. The next thing is of course the budget. A good speaker obviously won’t be too affordable. One needs to pay a few bucks more on the higher side to get all features all together.

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