Tips and tricks for using an outdoor subwoofer

Tips and tricks for using an outdoor subwoofer

If you have recently bought an outdoor subwoofer then this article can be helpful for you to know how you can suitably use this music system. When buying one you may not have faced some problems but using an outdoor subwoofer and setting it up may cause you some inconvenience as some of the things are there that need your attention. The outdoor subwoofer requires some strategies to be followed before installing the outdoor subwoofer so that you can get the best out of them. The specifications may say that they are built as weatherproof and can handle various outdoor conditions but they also have to be protected from damage so that they can work for a longer period.

There are several tricks and tips that are helpful for using the product and giving the best result. Some of them are mentioned below:

The Speakers should be positioned to Face Downwards

speaker position to Face Downwards

For enhanced sound projection, it is preferred that the speakers should be faced downwards in such a way that they face the garden side. This will help the sound to spread evenly for everyone to listen. Position them far from water emitting resources for not to damage them. 

 Placement Distance

speaker Placement Distance

If you are using two subwoofers it is advisable to put them at least 10 feet away from each other. This will enhance the sound quality and even distribution of the sound. The balanced sound will be produced by keeping them at this ideal position otherwise the rumbles created by the bass can be irritating. Before the placement of subwoofer you have to consider the factors when you buy them wheater the subwoofer fits according to the place we set.

Cleaning of speakers

Cleaning of speakers

It is important to inspect and clean outdoor subwoofers as they are exposed to different things like insects, dirt which can damage them as any such element will reduce the sound quality. If there are grills present and they are easily removable then they shall be frequently checked and cleaned. The waterproof subwoofers shall not be cleaned with high-pressure water as it can impact the electric cords.

The balance between speakers and volume

The balance between speakers volume

Keeping the volume of the subwoofers on high all the time may not only cause damage to the sound quality but it can be the reason for fights with your neighbors too. To overcome this you can use multiple speakers at low volume rather than using one speaker at high volume.

Using Amplifier for bass

Amplifier for bass

The amplifier helps to enhance the music experience along with supporting the bass. The choice of the amplifier should be in accordance with the outdoor speakers so that it does not empower them. Generally, passive subwoofers require an amplifier. So, if you have that one surely a good amplifier will enhance the bass quality.


In the above article, we have shared some important tips and tricks for the proper usage of your outdoor subwoofer. For the best experience of the device, you can follow these tricks and enjoy your favorite music sitting and sipping your drink on a winter day while soaking your body in the sun, or getting tanned near your pool on a summer day. 

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