Tesla Seeks A Trademark To Sell its Own Audio Equipment, Including Headphones

Tesla Headphone

Tesla has filed a trademark expansion application in order to sell audio equipment under its own brand. Is this a hint that Tesla is working on new audio products? The carmaker applied for the trademark in the new category two weeks ago, but it remained unreported until it was pointed out to me this morning by an Electrek reader.

In this new audio equipment category, Tesla filed for both its “TESLA” and “T” logo trademarks. It’s worth noting, as is customary, that firms occasionally file for trademarks that they never use. Even if Tesla were to utilize this one, it’s tough to say what may happen since it’s such a broad trademark area.

It might be as easy as Tesla producing its own speaker for inside its cars and branding them with its own brand and emblem, or it could be as complex as Tesla designing its own headphones. Tesla has been emphasizing the sound system inside its cars in recent years. Audiophiles have praised the sound system in Model 3, and the one in the current version of the Model S has also gotten excellent feedback. It’s been likened to a high-end Bang & Olufsen system seen in luxury cars, but at a fraction of the cost.

Several audio engineers from Bang & Olufsen work at Tesla, including chief audio engineer Markus Koch, who worked for Harman and Bang & Olufsen for almost a decade before joining Tesla in 2015. He left Tesla for a short time to work at Byton before returning in 2019. Tesla has lately recruited numerous engineers from Jawbone and Amazon Lab126, where the Echo speakers are developed.

Electrek’s Take

Tesla may be considering producing its own audio equipment for its cars once again. But, if it’s only utilizing them internally, would it require a trademark for them? I’m not sure what I’m saying. Tesla might potentially be using its expertise in designing high-end audio systems for its vehicles to introduce additional consumer items such as headphones or speakers. It’s not precisely in line with its objective, but it’s not out of the question.

Years ago, Musk and Tesla explored developing their own music streaming service, and they went rather far with it before abandoning it.

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