Introducing Sonos Play: A Powerful Smart Speaker That Does Far More Than Play Music

Introducing Sonos Play: A Powerful Smart Speaker That Does Far More Than Play Music

As part of its continuing cooperation with flatpack furniture masters IKEA, Sonos has released the second edition of its table light speaker. The speaker is part of the Symfonisk brand, which also includes the first-generation table light, bookshelf speaker, and picture frame. All of these speakers are meant to provide the same Sonos music quality and intelligent wireless audio technology while integrating into your home’s d├ęcor rather than striking out as some standalone speakers may.

The second-generation Symfonisk table light speaker offers improved sound quality, new functionality, and customizability. But, most importantly, it addresses some of the flaws in the original table lamp speaker, which was released in 2019.

The initial design had a circular dial that seemed to be a dimmer switch or a volume dial, but it was really simply a conventional power button. The original speaker also only operated with the less common E12 bulb size, however with the newest model, IKEA has switched to the standard E26 base.

The second-generation design from IKEA and Sonos is worth the investment alone if you want to combine a smart bulb with the Symfonisk table lamp speaker to switch on the light with a voice command or pick from millions of colors.

The new table lamp is now separated between the base and the lampshade, which are now available separately to allow a new degree of customization – something that is important to the Availability of an appropriate brand concept. Customers may mix and match four different lampshades in either textile or glass, all in black or white, for maximum customization and to satisfy all style demands.

“Since introducing the original Symfonisk table lamp speaker, we learned a lot about how and where they are being used,” IKEA’s Alistair Lowther said of the design decisions that went into the new table lamp speaker. Many individuals, for example, place the lamp speaker on a nightstand, prompting us to design a new, somewhat smaller lamp base.

“Customers may now choose from a wider range of design options to better fit their own preferences and trends. We can conserve space, reduce clutter, and enable individuals to customize the setting in their homes via both light and music by incorporating a speaker into a table lamp.”

The upgrades in the Symfonisk table light speaker’s second version aren’t just ornamental. The new lamp speaker, according to the team behind it, has an entirely new acoustic design that employs a bespoke waveguide to provide a superb sound experience from any angle.

It broadcasts music through Wi-Fi, much like the original version of the speaker, for higher audio quality than Bluetooth and to ensure that you never hear the BLEEP! of like a notification interrupting your favorite song or podcast. The table lamp speaker may be used as the sole sound source in a space, or it can be linked to other Sonos devices, such as those from the Symfonisk line and those designed by Sonos.

The speaker, like other Symfonisk devices, is compatible with the Sonos system, allowing users to access over 100 streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer, as well as radio stations from TuneIn, podcasts, and an iTunes music library.

Sara Morris, Principal Product Manager at Sonos, commented on the new speaker’s audio capabilities, saying, “As people continue to invest in their spaces, they’re finding creative ways to showcase their personal style, and sound has quickly become an important element for creating the right atmosphere.” The new Symfonisk table lamp speaker, in addition to its reduced size and range of design possibilities, produces a broader and more room-filling sound, resulting in a terrific listening experience regardless of where you position it in your house.”

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