Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini 2 Could Finally Offer A Mainstream Smart Speaker

Samsung's Galaxy Home Mini 2

Samsung is said to be working on the Galaxy Home Mini 2, a new stop-start smart speaker in its enigmatic line-up. If the term Samsung Galaxy Home Mini doesn’t ring a bell, and you’re wondering why there’s a ‘2’, you’re not alone: the first Home Mini was only available in South Korea with sales of the Galaxy S20 phone, while the normal Galaxy Home smart gadget was announced in 2018 but never released. Despite this, according to leaker Max Jambor, Samsung is returning to the smart speaker business with the “Galaxy Home Mini 2 (SM-V320) isn’t too far away anymore.”

“In other words: manufacturing begun,” Jambor wrote in a follow-up tweet, implying that an announcement may be made this year. The website SamMobile stated late last year that their sources informed them a new Galaxy Home Mini was in the works, adding fuel to the flames.

While we should always take speculations with a grain of salt, the fact that many stories have surfaced implies that a new smart speaker from Samsung is on the way — but what will it look like?

There haven’t been many specific leaks yet, but we can make some educated guesses. While it’s easy to imagine the Galaxy Home Mini 2 following in the footsteps of its South Korean-only predecessor, which resembled a more spherical Google Nest Mini and relied on the Bixby assistant, we believe a new Samsung speaker will also include a screen, but not like the Google Nest Hub or Amazon Show.

Instead, we believe it will be a foldable display similar to the one we discussed in September 2021. We spoke about a video from the IMID exhibition in South Korea at the time, which featured a Samsung-made prototype for a smart speaker with a flexible OLED screen. The device’s unfurling design would enable it to transform from a slim compact speaker to a bulkier device with a screen capable of displaying a variety of relevant information and video playback.

The curved display would still show certain information, like the time and weather, in its more compact form, and a Galaxy Home Mini 2 might possibly contain touch controls. This isn’t just wild guesswork, though; according to the SamMobile post on the Galaxy Home Mini 2 speculations, the speaker is expected to include some kind of display. We’ll have to wait a lot longer to find out exactly what Samsung has in store for us if anything at all, but we’re curious to see whether its third try at a smart speaker is more successful than the last two.

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