A New Version Of IKEA And Sonos’ Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker Is Available

A New Version Of IKEA And Sonos' Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker Is Available

The IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speaker, a partnership between Sonos and Sweden’s greatest provider of flat-pack furniture (and, more recently, audio hardware), has been upgraded with a second-gen version that’s already available in the Netherlands.

The new design hasn’t been publicly released, according to Tweakers, but an IKEA spokeswoman verified the latest model, adding that the speaker has been upgraded with “a quicker CPU and more memory.”

According to the spokesman, the stated power consumption in standby is also reduced, at about 2.05W compared to 2.55W for the earlier model. The second-gen. bookshelf offering (not to be confused with the traditional notion of bookshelf speakers, this solo speaker can actually be used as a shelf) is admittedly a more minor update, featuring the same design that can be placed vertically or horizontally, plus support for Sonos’ multi-room speaker network and Apple’s Airplay 2. (as well as up to 3kg of bedside reading material).

Along with the speedier CPU, greater memory, and reduced power usage while in sleep mode, Tweakers adds that IKEA has also included a longer power connection, which could come in useful for anybody wanting to put it farther away from a wall outlet.

The button arrangement is likely to be the most significant change for users. IKEA has made a little change here, changing the volume up and play/pause buttons so that the two-volume buttons are now close to one other – granted, ‘huge’ is a stretch, but it’s a difference nevertheless.

Aside from these changes, IKEA doesn’t seem to have made any significant changes to the famous recipe. The new Symfonisk, like the original, is available in black and white, and it can be coupled in stereo with the first-generation device, which is a lovely touch.

It’s unknown when IKEA will release the new Symfonisk bookshelf speaker internationally since it hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the second-generation model is currently available for €100 on the company’s Netherlands website.

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