Portable And Water-Proof, Huawei Sound Joy Delivers Big Sound

Portable And Water-Proof, Huawei Sound Joy Delivers Big Sound

Huawei has a history of collaborating with recognized brands for consumer goods, from Leica-branded smartphone cameras to smart sunglasses produced in conjunction with South Korean eyewear firm Gentle Monster.

The Huawei Sound Joy is the newest cooperation product, a water-resistant, lightweight, bass-heavy portable speaker created in conjunction with Devialet, a French audio equipment manufacturer.

Huawei’s consumer goods are often minimalist, but Sound Joy takes the opposite approach, prioritizing practicality and utility above everything else. The speaker is largely enveloped in gentle woven fabric and has about the same diameter as a water bottle. The latter is on purpose, since the Sound Joy may fit into automobile and bicycle bottle holders. On one side, there are five control buttons and five large volume buttons.

The huge buttons are useful since messing with music controls while riding is inconvenient. Devialet’s two-way speaker system, which employs Devialet’s “SAM” (speaker active matching) technology to synchronize the signal and acoustic output pressure, is located at the top and bottom of the Sound Joy.

The fabric hides a 20-watt speaker with a carbon-fiber diaphragm and a 10-watt tweeter, although the top and bottom two-way speakers have passive radiators that move and thump in time with the music. They not only look great, but they also have a practical purpose: they improve low-frequency sensitivity.

I’m not an audiophile, but I do review a lot of electronic products, including portable speakers, computers, and headphones, and Sound Joy’s audio is among the finest. There’s enough variety in the audio to handle high pitch frequencies, mids, and the thundering kicks of bass-heavy hip hop music.

The Sound Joy may be used with Huawei’s AI Life app, which is available on Google Play and Huawei’s app store. Because this software does not exist in Apple’s walled garden, iPhone users are out of luck. While Huawei’s AI Life app is great for Huawei’s wireless earbuds and smartwatches, it lacks several capabilities for the Sound Joy. For example, there is no equalization option. The app is mostly used to operate the LED ring at the top of the speaker, which is entirely decorative.

You can accept phone conversations with the speakers after you sync your smartphone with the Sound Joy (which you can do without the app), and there’s a physical button on the speaker to access the digital voice assistant. This was also true for Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant.

The Sound Joy’s battery life is exceptional, as is typical of Huawei devices: it lasts for 26 hours on a single charge, and the speaker is charged through USB-C. As previously said, the Sound Joy is water and dust-resistant, so you can take it into the shower or the pool without worry.

The Huawei Sound Joy, which costs between $170 and $180 in Europe and Asia, might be regarded as either expensive or reasonable, depending on your point of view. There are certainly less expensive portable speakers available, but they are typically not waterproof and have poor sound quality. When compared to comparable Devialet or other “big brand” portable speakers, the Huawei Sound Joy is a good deal at $170. It all depends on your point of view—and your hearing.

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