How to protect the outdoor subwoofer from damage

How to protect the outdoor subwoofer from damage

Outdoor subwoofers are designed to be placed in your backyard or garden. They are made to be weatherproof so that they can withstand any harsh conditions such as rain, storm, dust, etc. when you get an outdoor subwoofer it is necessarily required for you to protect from any damage. Whether they are waterproof or not you have to place them at a place where they can not get affected much. So you need to be very focused on how you can protect and increase its longevity for this you have to consider factors regarding outdoor subwoofer.

Outdoor subwoofers are a great choice for a music lover and adding them in the home decor for a perfect music experience but they also require regular checking and maintenance. A few tips while using the subwoofers can help to protect from damage and better use of the product for a longer time. Some of the things that will help to protect them from the damage are.

Try to position them away from sunlight and water

speaker position away from sunlight and water

It may be possible that the subwoofer is weatherproof but you should always try to keep them away from sunlight as it can be harsh on the electric appliance. Generally, subwoofers are coated with enamel which can help them protect from little water splashes but they should be kept away from water resources so there is no damage to cords and wires.

Coverage during bad weather

speaker Coverage during bad weather

Bad weather may harm them as, without proper placement and coverage, they can get damaged. If they are not covered with any suitable cover chances are high that it may lead to their damage. So it is important that there is coverage around them especially when there is bad weather like rain, snowfall so that their sound quality is maintained. For this, you can use rain covers available in the market.

Keep a check on the wiring

when you have a wired subwoofer, one of the major factors of the device getting damaged is that the wiring is loose or not attached properly, or maybe some insects or rodents have cut them. Therefore, it is important to cover those wires while installing the subwoofers and keep a check on the wiring system so that there is no damage in them or if there is, it can be changed so that the appliance does not spread the current.

Cleaning on a regular basis

speaker Cleaning on a regular basis

The subwoofers should be cleaned regularly and checked if they are impacted by any element outside. This will not only help them to maintain their sound quality but will also make them long-lasting. Some subwoofers are made from metal that can be easily rusted so proper cleaning can also reduce this.


It might be easy to get an outdoor subwoofer but saving it from getting damaged can be a hard task. Some things have to be kept in sight so that there is no damage to them. The above article suggests what can be followed for protecting them from losing their lives and enhancing their quality. Some of the main points to be kept in mind are mentioned above.

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