How to optimize your center channel speaker in a home theatre system

center channel speakers optimization

The importance of a center channel is understood when one watches a movie with the sound turned off even just for a few minutes. When added to a home theatre system, 80% of the work is done by the center channel speaker starting from mixing the dialogue and music up to delivering it to the listener’s ears. We often frame the dialogs and their tone in our minds even before they’re delivered and if our inbuilt speakers do not work efficiently, we’ll end up getting disappointed. This is the only reason one can get a whole different experience with the center channel speakers.

Things to look for while selecting a center Channel Speaker

When choosing a center channel, you should always look for the one that is identical to your main speakers on the left and right sides. Using side speakers and center speakers of different model series and brands can be a negative point in experiencing the best sound quality. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade to similar models of center channel speakers and main speakers. Another significant point is to be able to step up a bigger and upgraded center channel. 

Optimizing Center Channel in a Home Theatre System

center channel speakers come in various shapes starting from in wall speakers to on wall speakers. It also comes as a conventional speaker inside the room.The most important part when it comes to a center channel speaker is its placement. When equipped with a home theatre system, it is important to ensure that the center channel speaker is placed at the center of the home theatre system such as on top or below the TV. 

It is also important to note that the speakers should always be placed at a level of one’s ear height. The next important thing is to pair the center channel speaker with the front left and right speaker to make a complete trio. You should not put the tone of the center channel too high or too low as compared to the front speakers because this will not only create an unbalanced sound but will also destroy the overall experience. It is therefore always recommended to use the front and center speakers of the same brand or identical type. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when the speaker is placed at a height above the ear level, the cabinet should always be tilted towards the position of the listener. Last but not the least, after adding a center channel speaker it is important to check that the home theatre system is properly calibrated with the channel speaker. If done, it will make a great difference in the overall experience.


A center channel speaker system can give its best performance only when it is correctly placed and set up irrespective of the high price or advanced features. The center channel is the most important speaker in a home theatre system.. Correct alignment, placing and position is extremely important when the demand is to get an extraordinary experience with the center channel speaker in the home theatre system.

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