From Powermove: Tempo Snares Philips Audio & Accessories

Philips headphones.

Tempo, a Sydney-based distributor, has been named the exclusive distributor of Philips audio, cordless phones, home power, and AV accessories, as well as a number of other Philips items formerly sold by Powermove, an Adelaide-based distributor. Powermove, which earlier lost the Klipsch audio brand to Melbourne-based Qualifi, which was then bought by Sound United, is again facing questions about its future.

Retailers have praised the decision, which comes only months after Tempo acquired the Monster and Sharp TV brands. TPV, which is also the world’s biggest monitor maker, has the global rights to Philips’ audio.

“We have been selling Philips’ goods for over 10 years, and the addition of Philips audio products to our portfolio enables us to provide for retailers a very popular product line from a Company that is a well-regarded household brand in Australia,” a Tempo spokeswoman said.

“In the future, you will see a whole new variety of items that we are convinced will appeal to both merchants and customers.” Tempo will provide a variety of mobility and PC peripherals, as well as TV brackets. The famous Philips X3 headphones, which some critics describe as one of the greatest value audio alternatives out today, are also part of the Philips audio collection.

These headphones produce clear highs, complete and smooth middle, and strong (but not overwhelming) bass thanks to 50 mm multi-layer polymer (with damping gel) diaphragms. With acoustically transparent Kvadrat speaker fabric, they also create a broad, natural soundstage. These headphones produce an immersive and expansive sound by reducing air pressure build-up behind the diaphragms.

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