Cyrus Audio’s New Products Will Use BluOS

Cyrus Audio's

The recent announcement that Cyrus Audio, the iconic British audiophile electronics brand, is teaming up with Lenbrook International, the owner, and developer of the market-leading BluOS high-resolution multi-room platform, to bring the BluOS streaming platform to upcoming Cyrus Audio products, may not strike most people as big news. I evaluated the Cyrus One Cast Smart Amplifier, an all-in-one audio player, last year, and although it looked lovely and sounded well, it lacked a consistent streaming interface. To make its goods more streamer-friendly, the business has resorted to one of the greatest streaming interfaces.

The managing director of Cyrus Audio is Nicholas Clarke. “With the large range and continuously changing list of services and features that the current music consumer demands, music streaming remains challenging.” We concluded that being a member of a well-established and industry-leading ecosystem was the ideal way for both our customers and dealers to reduce the complexity. As a result, BluOS was always a favorite of ours.

“Throughout our discussions, Lenbrook made it obvious that they are committed to offering all consumers with a premium user experience as well as access to the top hi-res music streaming services.” That is so consistent with the Cyrus brand values that it was a very easy option for us.”

BluOS is a brand-agnostic platform, which means that any BluOS Enabled device connected to the same Wi-Fi network may share music collections and playlists, independent of speaker or audio component manufacturer. BluOS Enabled devices cover a broad variety of use cases and applications, from amplifiers to powered speakers and rack-mounted installation audio, making it a flexible hi-res multi-room streaming platform.

“Our objective with BluOS continues to be being incredibly careful about the companies we bring to the platform since it is so crucial that the shared ecosystem model be represented by entirely like-minded and committed partners,” says Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook International. “The Lenbrook team has long respected Cyrus Audio as one of those well-aligned companies. We’re excited that they’ve joined us to discuss our BluOS high-res music vision, reiterating the considerable commitment we’re continuing to make in this platform.”

This is significant news for Cyrus Audio since it would be impossible to provide competitive goods without a robust streaming ecosystem. Cyrus would have to spend a lot of money to build the program from the ground up, along with the essential applications. There’s no use in recreating the wheel if an off-the-shelf solution is readily accessible. This is also excellent news for Lenbrook International since the operating system now has another customer.

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