Sonos Cheapest Speakers Are Now Even More Affordable

Sonos Cheapest Speakers Are Now Even More Affordable

Sonos is generally considered a forerunner in the wireless home speaker market. The firm has generated various patents addressing wireless speaker connection as one of the forerunners (as Google discovered in court recently). All of that research and development doesn’t come cheap, and when combined with Sonos’ ambition to produce high-quality sound, its speakers may be pricier than the competition, including Google and other speakers.

Instead of going to your local consumer electronics shop or Hi-Fi center to get your next wireless home speaker, consider going to your local IKEA store. IKEA has now unveiled the second-generation SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker, which was created in conjunction with Sonos, exactly like the first-generation model (via Tweakers). As a consequence, it is entirely interoperable with other Sonos devices, as you would anticipate. It’s also the cheapest way into the Sonos audio experience, at $120, and it comes with significant improvements over the original.

The design of the second-generation SYMFONISK bookshelf speakers hasn’t changed much from the exterior, and they’re still available in white or black. The internals has seen the most modifications, with a quicker CPU and greater memory, which should result in a more smooth listening experience. The software system has been upgraded and is now compatible with the rest of IKEA’s SYMFONISK speaker lineup. In addition, standby power consumption has been lowered from 2.55W to 2.05W.

The SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker, like the original, supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 Wi-Fi audio protocol, Spotify Connect, and most major streaming services. For stereo music, a single SYMFONISK speaker may be linked with a second SYMFONISK speaker of the same kind (including the first-generation model). If you already have a Sonos 2.1 setup or soundbar, a pair of SYMFONISK speakers may also be utilized as rear speakers for a Sonos home theatre system.

The second-generation SONOS|IKEA SYMFONISK speaker is currently available in Europe for 99 euros and will be available worldwide in the next weeks and months.

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