10 Best Speakers Under $1000 To Project Great Sound 2022

Best Speakers Under $1000


Floor standing speakers, often known as floor standers, are the largest type of speakers built for usage in the home. The cabinets are larger than those of bookshelf speakers, allowing them to project sound with greater presence and scale across the room.

Floor-standing speakers, despite their height and weight, have a small footprint. They are tall and slender, so they don’t take up much room on the floor. This allows them to be placed right next to your television or bookcase that houses your turntable.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of our best speakers under $1000 floor standers. You’ll be spoiled for options at this price point, however, it’s worth noting that floor-standing speakers may easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

List of Best Speakers Under $1000

1. Klipsch RP-8000F

best speakers under $1000

Product Specifications

  • 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • Dual 8″ Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
  • Bass–Reflex via Rear–Firing Tractrix port
  • Dual binding posts for bi-wire/bi-amp
  • Strong, Flexible Removable Magnetic Grille

Because of its mix of sound quality, cabinet construction, and versatile design, the Klipsch RP-8000F takes the top rank on the list.

The RP-8000F is part of Klipsch’s Reference Premiere range, which is a step up in quality from the normal lineup. They’ve been created from the ground up, so while they include all the Klipsch bells and whistles like Tractix horn-loading, the sound signature is more polished.

Because of its huge 8″ Cerametallic woofers, the RP-8000F has enough bass, so a subwoofer isn’t really necessary unless you wish to go deeper than its stated frequency response (32Hz – 25kHz).

The Tractrix horn on the 1″ titanium vented tweeter with Tractrix horn also makes these speakers fantastic for highs, which is where they really shine: the highs are clean but not harsh, and the middle is also quite clear.

Klipsch speakers are known for having a slightly bright and exciting sound profile with plenty of dynamic range, which is why they’re a showroom favorite; when compared to more neutral options, the average consumer is easily ‘wowed,’ and it also makes them especially well-suited for home theatre audio.

While there are better options if you’re looking for uncolored sound, the RP-8000F have a much flatter frequency response, making them better suited to critical listening. While there are better options if you’re looking for uncolored sound, these floor standers aren’t as divisive as many of the other Klipsch speakers on the market.

Of course, no Klipsch review would be complete without mentioning their great efficiency: these speakers have a sensitivity rating of 98dB @ 2.83V, which means they can fill a large room with ease and you won’t have to be as particular about the amp or receiver you choose.

The RP-8000F speakers weigh 60 pounds apiece, which makes them seem really robust and sturdy. The two finishes available, walnut and ebony, give you some color options, and the finish itself looks beautiful and is furniture-grade.


  • Excellent highs and mids, with a strong bottom presence.
  • High-quality construction
  • Klipsch speakers provide a more polished sound than prior Klipsch speakers.
  • They’re suitable for high-volume listening because of their great sensitivity.
  • A broad dynamic range


  • Banana clips are not suitable; cables must be connected directly with a stripped wire and a plastic cap.
  • They’re fantastic for film and game audio because of their fairly bright sound profile, but pure music listening will depend on the listener’s preferences.

2. Klipsch R-28PF

Klipsch R-28PF

Product Specifications

  • Magnetic grille, 5M speaker wire with 4-wire connection, 1.8M power cord, 2M aux cable, and 3M optical cable
  • Speaker dimensions (each) – 15.7” D x 9.5” W x 42” H | Weight (each) – 56.67 lbs. | Voltage – 100V-120V / 220V-240V, selectable 50/60Hz
  • Max Output – 114 dB
  • 260W total system power

Klipsch is a well-known brand in the home theatre audio market, but it comes at a high price, especially when you consider the necessity for a receiver, which not only adds to the expense but also to the setup’s complexity.

If the aforementioned RP-8000F floor standers are too pricey and you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of a receiver, the R-28PF powered floor standing speakers, which plug straight into the mains, are worth considering.

Klipsch’s signature sound is present, thanks in part to the Tractrix horn tweeter; Klipsch also did a good job with the bass on the R-28PF, which sounds clean and precise. Large 8-inch woofers eliminate the need for a subwoofer, though a cheap 10-inch subwoofer may be necessary to achieve really deep sub-bass.

We might consider adding a center speaker to make L/R separation slightly smoother and have clearer dialogue in a 2.0/2.1 virtual surround speaker setup, but if you’re buying floor standers for a 5.1/7.1 setup, it’ll probably make sense to get passive ones and run everything through a decent receiver since there’ll be a lot of cables involved anyway.

These speakers have built-in Bluetooth compatibility because they’re powered, so you can easily stream music to them from your laptop, tablet, or phone. You won’t be using them as Bluetooth speakers all the time, but it’s practically a must-have feature on powered speakers because most of us will be playing from multiple audio sources.

Klipsch also did a nice job with the construction quality of these speakers, which weigh 58 pounds each. However, they don’t have the same furniture-grade finish as the Reference Premieres, so the finish isn’t as resistant to wear and damage.


  • Because they are powered (rather than passive), they can be utilized right away without the need for a receiver or amplifier.
  • Less clutter and a simple setup
  • Rooms are easily filled with a lot of power.


  • Passive floor standers, which can be utilized in a variety of layouts, are less adaptable.

3. Q Acoustics Concept 40

Q Acoustics Concept 40

Product Specifications

  • Enclosure Type: 2-Way Reflex with Double Woofer
  • Bass Unit: 2 x 125mm, Treble Unit: 25mm
  • Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 53Hz – 22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Dimensions H/D/W (Inches): 38.26 x 6.69 x 11.33

The UK has a long history of designing loudspeakers, having given rise to businesses like KEF, B&W, and Mission; a more recent addition to the list is Q Acoustics, which has received consistent accolades since its founding in 2006.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Concept 40s if you want natural sound with a flat frequency response curve and amazing detail.

The sound profile isn’t as exciting or aggressive as the more home theater-focused Klipsch RP-8000F or BIC Acoustech PL-980L, but the Concept ’40s smooth sonic characteristics allow for pure listening pleasure.

The Gel core Cabinet Construction, resonance-reducing aluminum faceplate, and steel-mounting feet are testaments to the company’s high level of craftsmanship, as are the two incredibly attractive cabinets, which look both modern and minimalist while also being clearly different from the run-of-the-mill wooden tower aesthetic.

While the Concept 40s are the most expensive speakers on the list, they aren’t the loudest because the 5-inch bass woofers are smaller than the Klipsch’s, and they’re also slightly less sensitive than the other speakers, so you’ll need a more powerful amp to crank up the volume, which isn’t really what the Concept 40s are about.

The most significant disadvantage of these speakers is their price, which is significantly higher than the $1000 budget. Fortunately, Q Acoustics includes a high-quality $100 speaker wire with the purchase, which alleviates some of the stings.


  • Best-sounding floor standing speakers for less than $1000, which can compete with speakers costing two or three times as much.
  • They’re wonderful for extended listening because of the smooth tone.
  • The design is stunning, and it comes in two different finishes.
  • The speakers come with high-quality speaker wires.


  • For the optimum listening experience, you’ll need an expensive amplifier.
  • Excellent for music listening but maybe overlooked if used primarily as home theatre speakers.

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4. ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2

ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2

Product Specifications

  • New tweeter with wide-dispersion waveguide
  • New woven Aramid-Fiber woofer
  • New, larger cabinets
  • Sensitivity: 87db @2.83v/1m

The ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2s are the apex of the Debut 2.0 collection, developed by the legendary Andrew Jones, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that sounds as amazing in their price range.

The Debut 2.0 series is all about providing sound as close to the source as possible, so you won’t hear the boosted mids and highs of the Klipsch RP-8000F or the smoothed-out sound of the Q Acoustics Concept 40, but you will hear great clarity and texture.

The Debut 2.0’s multiple reflex ports really shine in the bass department, allowing it to deliver bass with just the right amount of punch and warmth depending on the situation. Opting for the 6-inch drivers on the F6.2 over the smaller 5-inch drivers on the F5.2 is recommended—the extra oomph they provide won’t go unnoticed. Again, a subwoofer always helps, but there’s no point pairing it with a cheap one; instead, save for a quality one.

The Debut 2.0 range performs admirably across the board, so if you want to turn this into a full-fledged surround sound system from the ground up, you won’t have any trouble finding the center channel speaker and wall-mounted rear speakers.

The construction quality is likewise excellent, albeit there should have been more options than the black ash vinyl cabinet finish available.

There’s not much wrong with these ELAC floor-standing speakers; they sound far better than their price suggests. There’s no bi-wiring, but no one is bi-wiring towers that cost less than $400 each. With a 6 Ohms impedance and 87db @2.83v/1m sensitivity, you’ll need a fairly powerful amp to get them sounding their best.


  • The sound quality is excellent for the price.
  • Natural, uncolored sound with a hint of warmth
  • Highly adaptable, ideal for music and film.


  • With only one finish option, the look is bland.

5. Fluance SXHTBW

Fluance SXHTBW

Product Specifications

  • Premium 1″ neodymium balanced silk dome tweeters
  • Powerful dual 6.5″ woofers
  • 4″ poly-coated midrange drivers 
  • Precision-crafted audio-grade MDF wood construction

All of the previously mentioned floor-standing speakers are sold as a pair, which is fine. Many others, on the other hand, are purchasing floor standers with the aim of using them for home theatre surround sound. You’ll rapidly go over budget if you don’t already have any of the other puzzle parts (center and rear speakers, subwoofer).

Fluance, a Canadian audio equipment manufacturer, offers a cheaper and more comprehensive kit for half the price of our $1000 budget. Two-floor standers, as well as rear and center speakers, are included with the SXHTBW. All you need to do now is make sure you have a compatible amplifier and consider adding a subwoofer.

What’s more impressive is that even without the rear and center speakers, the floor standers that remain can compete with some of the other speakers on this list. The fronts aren’t little floor standers; they have two strong 6.5-inch woofers and weigh a substantial 33.45 pounds each.

If we’re being more critical, a full-blown 5.1 system with speakers like the Klipsch RP-8000F or Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2s in the mix would produce greater detail, power, and openness in the sound. The treble and mids are crystal clear and well-emphasized, but the bass end lacks the richness found in more expensive speakers. Making the comparison would be unfair, however, because you’d be paying two or three times as much for those.

The Fluance SXHTBW speaker system looks amazing, which adds to the acclaim. You’ll be able to discover anything to complement your room thanks to the black ash, natural walnut, and white finishes offered. It would have been even better if Fluance had included their signature black and yellow coloring, but that is only available in their Signature Series.


  • Affordably priced 5.0-channel speaker system.
  • White, black ash and walnut are all options.
  • Build quality is outstanding.


  • The subwoofer, on the other hand, must be purchased separately.
  • The sound isn’t as refined as it is on more expensive systems.

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6. SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

Product Specifications

  • 6.5-inch mid-bass drivers 
  • Superb clarity, classy looks, a wide soundstage
  •  1-inch aluminum dome tweeter is light, efficient, and rigid, and plays crystal clear at high volumes
  • Dimensions ‎10.9 x 8.5 x 15 inches

SVS produces one of the greatest bookshelf speakers on the market, the SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers.

Because of its 87 dB sensitivity and superb frequency range response, the SVS Ultra is an excellent pair of speakers for those who enjoy listening to music or watching movies at extremely high volumes.

There’s no getting around the fact that these speakers are pricey, but there’s a reason for it. They are exquisitely crafted with excellent materials and strong cabinet construction, resulting in highly transparent sound reproduction, especially in the mid-range category.

The sound stage is very wide, and the bass content is among the best in the range; the best aspect is that low-frequency reproduction is not affected. Overall, this will be a step up from the company’s incredibly popular Primes.


  • The speakers’ simple design and appearance make them an evergreen alternative that will never go out of style.
  • The SVS Ultra speakers are capable of managing impedance of 8 ohms and 4 ohms without causing any physical damage to the system.
  • These speakers have an 87 dB sensitivity and a very wide frequency response range of 45 Hz to 32 kHz, which is difficult to match with cheaper speakers.
  • If you’re searching for a set of bookshelf speakers to complement your home theatre setup, they are one of the best selections because the tweeters can reproduce both voice and music.


  • These speakers’ sound projection capabilities aren’t as extensive as you might have hoped.
  • These are some of the most costly bookshelf speakers, even within this price range.
  • The speakers may appear to be a little power demanding, as they require amplified signals of at least 20 watts to work at their best.

7. KEF Q350

KEF Q350

Product Specifications

  • The Q350 contains an enhanced Uni-Q driver Array designed to smooth out treble frequencies and reimagined crossovers to provide cleaner and more accurate bass.
  • The front port has been moved to the back of the Q350 and internal architecture has been redesigned to reduce internal resonances to improve audio clarity.
  • The Q350 is available in sleek matte Black and White vinyl finishes.

This pair of speakers come with a newer cabinet and finishes that make them look even better than any of the previous models manufactured by the company.

This set of speakers features a modern cabinet and finishes that make them look even better than any of the company’s prior models.

The KEF Q350 is equipped with the company’s re-imagined crossovers, which can help you fill any room with an unmatched depth of sound. Built to smooth out the treble frequencies with the help of the improved Q-driver Array, the KEF Q350 is equipped with the company’s re-imagined crossovers so that you can get the most accurate bass production out of all other KEF products at a similar price range.

You may notice an improvement in the quality of sound when you listen to these sets of speakers over time as they open up more.


  • In terms of features and performance, these speakers are among the best.
  • The optional magnetic grilles are very simple to install because the baffle is perfectly incorporated into the speaker shell.
  • Because of the built-in damped tweeters, the lower treble register performance is substantially improved.
  • The product’s dynamic port design reduces mid-range leakages, making it a fantastic choice for individuals looking for enhanced resonance and clarity.


  • If these speakers are housed on shelves that aren’t very solid, there may be concerns with excessive vibration.
  • The lack of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on some of the more costly speakers on the market can be a deal-breaker for some.
  • The product does not include grilles, which must be purchased separately.

8. Klipsch RP-600M

Klipsch RP-600M

Product Specifications

  • 1” titanium lts vented Tweeter with hybrid tractrix horn
  • 6.5″ spun copper cerametallic woofers
  • Bass-reflex via rear-firing tractrix port
  • Dual binding posts for bi-wire/bi-amp
  • Strong, flexible removable magnetic grille

The Klipsch RP-600M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers are one of the best powered speakers available at a reasonable price point.

While all Klipsch products are technologically remarkable, this particular pair of speakers has been overhauled from the ground up to integrate some of the major upgrades that make this one of those speakers that you simply must-have.

The cerametallic woofers deliver bass that you’ll want to brag about, with enough power to fill every room in your house.

The vented tweeters aid in the reduction of standing waves, which can result in harmonics that detract from the listening experience.

The Klipsch model features copper anodized trim rings, cast aluminum feet, satin-painted baffles, and more, all of which contribute to the speakers’ premium appearance that you can show off in front of guests.


  • Because it is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, it is a very affordable speaker.
  • The compact size of these speakers allows them to be easily put on shelves or installed on walls.
  • If you don’t want to use the metal grilles that come with the package, they can be removed.
  • The sound quality produced is quite impressive, especially if you’re seeking a speaker with good acoustics.


  • The speakers do not come with digital remote control, thus they must be operated manually.
  • Bluetooth integration is not a possibility, which is a critical concern in this price range.

9. Definitive Technology D11 Bookshelf Speaker

Definitive Technology D11 Bookshelf Speaker

Product Specifications

  • 6.5″ BDSS driver
  • 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter
  • 6 x 10-inch oval Passive Bass Radiator

The D11, the flagship device from Definitive Technology’s Demand Series, is another excellent alternative for those with financial means.

These speakers, which come in both a piano black and a silver finish, may bring a touch of toughness and delicacy to your home cinema system. If appearances aren’t important to you, the sound produced by this set of speakers has the potential to astound you with its clarity and intensity.

When compared to speakers in the same price range, the D11 provides unsurpassed imaging and sound-stage performance.

The bass is particularly outstanding, with a punchy bottom that has a hint of brightness and a treble that is both clean and without a sharp edge.

You also get the advantages of an aluminum baffle paired with magnetic grilles for minimal distortion and detailed performance.


  • This product was designed specifically for you if your aesthetic is modern with clean lines since it can merge smoothly into any environment while yet becoming a discussion starter.
  • Because of the three-dimensional impression that the high-performance woofers and laterally placed tweeters create when turned on, they provide one of the best listening experiences.
  • The passive bass radiator integration is a great feature if you’re searching for more depth and punch in your music.


  • The speakers aren’t designed to handle wireless connections, which is a requirement for today’s devices.
  • The speakers come without remote control, which is something you’d anticipate from one of the most costly speakers on the list.

10. Audioengine HD6

 Audioengine HD6

Product Specifications

  • aptX HD Bluetooth codec with a 100-foot range 
  • Optical audio input
  •  1/8″ mini-jack 
  • 2m RCA audio cable

Wireless technology is one of the essential characteristics that newer bookshelf speakers must possess in order to compete for the title of finest bookshelf speakers in this price range.

The Audioengine HD6 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers feature standard IO connections such as RCA jacks, allowing audiophiles to enjoy the traditional speaker experience without being weighed down by excessive size.

These speakers are small enough to fit on most bookshelves and come with the aptX HD audio codec, which may be utilized with encrypted streaming audio if you don’t care about the purity of your music.

These powered bookshelf speakers aren’t cheap, but they aren’t the most costly options on the market either. Ideal for a variety of room sizes, there isn’t much of a difference in sound quality whether you put them in a tiny study room or a huge hall.


  • The overall design of the speakers is rather attractive, with four various finishes to pick from so that you may find one that matches your decor.
  • The speakers are designed to have a sensitivity of around 95 decibels and a frequency response range of 50 Hz to 22 kHz.
  • The Audioengine HD6 can output 150 watts of power even without a receiver, which is quite astounding.
  • They’re Bluetooth-enabled, which makes them a lot easier to operate.


  • As you get to higher frequencies, the performance may appear to be missing and subdued.
  • If you want to put these speakers on a stand, you’ll need to purchase one separately.


Floorstanders are the best when it comes to speakers available for the house, so you should take the time to pick out the ideal ones for yourself. Hopefully, this list of our suggested floor-standing speakers under $1000 has given you some ideas.

You can’t go wrong with the exciting and loud Klipsch RP-8000F for home theatre, but if you’re using them to fill the room with your jazz or rock collection, something more hi-fi-focused like the Q Acoustics Concept 40 or Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2 will be more appropriate.

Do you already have an amp/receiver and/or center/rear speakers? If so, think about how well they’d work together. Even if you’re just searching for a 2.0-channel (L/R) setup right now, you should always consider the option of adding things to the mix in the future.


What to Look for in Under $1000 Bookshelf Speakers?

Any set of bookshelf speakers costing $500 or more should deliver some pretty tasty audio, with no issues with maximum volume levels (as we’ve seen with lower models), and the enclosures should be professionally designed with mechanisms in place to minimize buzzing or distortion.

Bookshelf speakers should have some form of venting to ensure bass clarity, though they will typically deal with mid-bass regions rather than extended low frequencies, as they are typically designed for 2.1+ systems, though many can stand alone if proper measures are taken to optimize the bass response in a smaller enclosure.

Manufacturers do this in a variety of ways, including opting for the largest cone-diameter available and sometimes including a bass enhancer in the signal processing circuitry. Ideally, you’ll want to pair your new bookshelf speakers with a capable subwoofer at the very least.

All components should be premium and high-grade, and the more money you spend, the lower the impedance should be. You’ll also find that many of the onboard features on higher-end models are patented technology created out of hours of research and development.

You should also find some of the enclosures to be quite appealing in a variety of styles.

Is it worthwhile to invest in high-priced bookshelf speakers?

Yes, it is critical to understand that when it comes to audio electronics, you get what you pay for. A speaker is a relatively simple device; it is a transducer that operates using a magnetic field; they aren’t difficult to make in principle, but getting them suitable for dealing with a wide frequency range and accurately reproducing audio that genuinely sounds realistic is a different kettle of fish.

Expensive speakers have a higher price tag because they must account for the time spent on product development; every component on a high-end model will have been thought about and made from parts that can do the job just a little bit better than standard parts, and they will include refinements to traditional speaker principles.

As a consequence of years of research, we’ve figured out a few factors that get in the way of presenting pure audio. By successfully handling distortion concerns on several fronts, top manufacturers are able to provide noise-free audio.

How much should you spend on bookshelf speakers of high quality?

The majority of those we’ve reviewed in this article makes for an amazing addition to most surrounding systems, though some of the more expensive models work adequately enough alone for a 2.0 setup. You should be prepared to part with amounts in excess of $350 dollars for high-quality bookshelf speakers, though real audiophiles will like to look above $500.

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