12 Best Portable Record Players For Listening To The Depth Of Your Favorite Music 2022

Best Portable Record Players


For the history of sound recording, vinyl is practically indestructible. It has a significantly longer life cycle than a tape solution and has attractive aberrations. The best portable record players are small and offer good sound. However, even the most basic and low-cost devices are capable.

As a result, we’ll require a diagram for these models. Not every user is an audio expert, but there is one thing to keep in mind: every recorder should be personally listened to. The technological specifications of a turntable, on the other hand, are crucial.

The next feature of the portable turntable is classical music lover, which was composed for them during the twentieth century. Today, we have small, durable devices with excellent sound at a reasonable price. Customers are entertained, but what about genuine brands? Let’s take a look at what’s available in today’s catalogs for discerning listeners.

Best Portable Record Players You Can Try In 2022

1. Byron Statics KTS-601BT Turntable

Best Portable Record Players

Product Specifications

  • Budget-friendly
  • Automatic stop function
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The KTS-601BT is a stunning portable record player that comes in four different colors and has a vintage suitcase design. The tough exterior shell protects your record player from damage, while the accompanying handle and low weight make it simple to transport.

This Byron Statics record player is little but powerful, weighing just over 7 pounds and featuring front-facing in-built speakers that can deliver substantial volume. A metal tonearm, smooth platter, and diamond stylus are included in the turntable, which contributes to improved tracking, less distortion, and smooth playback.

With a plug-and-play design that can get you started right out of the box, even if you’re a complete newbie, the KTS-601BT will have you feeling at ease in no time. The tonearm has an automated stop feature and a lift lever to help you put the needle and halt rotation at the end of the record, protecting your valuable vinyl.

With three playback speeds to accommodate all conventional sizes, the turntable is suited for all types of vinyl. If you want a little more variety, you may use the sophisticated Bluetooth 5.0 input to play music directly from your phone.

Our main critique about the KTS-601BT is that, while it has an automatic stop feature, the tonearm itself does not, so you’ll have to spend some time learning how to use it.

You can’t go wrong with the KTS-601BT by Byron Statics if you like beautiful vintage-style portable record players with cutting-edge audio technology.


  • A record player with a classic design and modern connection.


  • There’s no way to control the tonearm automatically.

2. Numark PT01USB Portable Turntable

Numark PT01USB Portable Turntable

Product Specifications

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Vinyl-archiving software
  • Adjustable pitch control

With an integrated handle and dust cover, the PT01USB has a superior portable design. With a weight of just over 4 pounds, the turntable is extremely portable while also providing peace of mind that it will be secured from damage.

You may use either an AC adaptor or batteries to power the record player. This makes it ideal for taking to garage sales to try out vinyl before purchasing.

It has three playback speeds, allowing you to play records you have in your collection. The combination of adjustable pitch control +/- 10% and EZ Vinyl Converter recording software allows ambitious DJs to try their hand at new mixes. Some users have even reported modifying the PT01USB to transform it into a scratch turntable for this precise reason.

The record player has built-in speakers that produce a good amount of volume and a well-balanced sound. If you want to listen to something different, you can utilize the RCA connector with external speakers or the headphone jack for more private listening. All of the outputs are of high quality, ensuring that the sound is clear and balanced in all playback modes.

The only issue we have with this record player is that it feels fragile due to its relatively light design. If you’re a clumsy person, this may not be the ideal solution for you. The PT01USB by Numark, on the other hand, is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a high-quality, best record player.


  • A versatile record player with a well-balanced great sound and extra features.


  • The turntable appears to be easily broken.

3. Jensen JTA-230 Turntable

Jensen JTA-230 Turntable

Product Specifications

  • Direct vinyl to MP3 encoding
  • Customizable sound
  • Automatic stop function

Because of its small weight, the JTA-230 is easily transportable. It’s lightweight, weighing less than 6 pounds, and the turntable is protected from damage by a sturdy dust cover. While the Jensen record player does require a power source, it’s excellent for transporting to and from the office if you enjoy the classic vinyl sound while working.

This record player offers a wide range of connecting and playback options. It has the normal RCA, AUX, and headphone jack, as well as the ability to convert vinyl to digital directly via the USB port. There’s no need for a computer or recording software, so immortalizing your favorite tunes is as simple as pie.

The JTA-230 also comes with built-in stereo bluetooth speakers that can accommodate you or a small group of pals.

The Jensen record player features a user-friendly design that allows you to enjoy your favorite music with minimal effort. If you’re forgetful, the automatic stop option is fantastic, and those who prefer more control will appreciate the customizable pitch, tone, and volume levels.

The tracking force on the Jensen record player isn’t adjustable, thus it tracks a little heavier than we would want. This results in some distortion, which can be annoying to audiophiles but is unlikely to trouble the average listener.


  • This is a fantastic cheap record player that allows you to customize the sound.


  • There is no way to change the tracking force.

4. LP&No.1 Portable Bluetooth Turntable

LP&No.1 Portable Bluetooth Turntable

Product Specifications

  • Dual stereo speakers
  • Anti-vibration design
  • User-friendly

Despite its small and compact size, the LP&No.1 is surprisingly powerful. It’s designed in the shape of a vintage suitcase record player, with an easy-to-carry handle, PU leather exterior, and three appealing colors to select from.

It boasts dual stereo speakers on either side of the suitcase that can easily play your vinyl recordings at volume. It is lightweight, weighing less than 7 pounds. You can also connect via the RCA output for an extra volume increase.

With a belt-driven platter and diamond stylus, the record player’s turntable is lightweight but sturdy. The weighty stylus produces great quality, detailed recording, and the platter features anti-vibration material for a smoother sound. This results in a well-balanced, vintage-sounding classic sound that transports you back to the days of legendary vinyl records.

The LP&No.1 record player has a very user-friendly design. With an auto-stop tonearm and a simple dial to select between playback modes, it’s designed for ease of use.

You may connect your device by Bluetooth or AUX, in addition to the classic turntable. If you want to record and preserve your vinyl records, you may do so with ease using your computer’s USB port and conversion software.

The LP&No.1 record player’s only flaw is that it is so light that it feels breakable. If you believe yourself to be clumsy, this is probably not the ideal long-term option for you.


  • It’s a powerful yet little record player with a lot of loudness.


  • It appears to be easily breakable.

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5. Voksun Portable Bluetooth Turntable

Voksun Portable Bluetooth Turntable

Product Specifications

  • Automatic tonearm
  • Direct vinyl to MP3 recording
  • Durable design

With its incredibly sturdy and appealing appearance, the Voksun record player beats off the competition of other suitcase portable record players. Custom plywood panels, retro metal screws, an electroplating knob, and a PU leather exterior are all included.

This durable design will last for years, and the integrated handle makes it super convenient to carry around. The black vintage look doesn’t hurt either, allowing you to flaunt your devotion in a classic and appealing manner.

The turntable is made to provide excellent playback with minimal effort. Because of its automated tonearm functions including on, off, and stop, it’s ideal for novices. You may enjoy the amazing sound of your vinyl records with little effort even if you’re a complete newbie.

This record player supports three playback speeds as well as Bluetooth, AUX, and USB input. The built-in full-range stereo speakers can provide a surprising amount of volume for such a little device, demonstrating that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Voksun has answered your request if you’re wanting to record your vinyl and can’t think of anything more annoying than spending hours learning record software. You may record directly to USB without having to connect your computer with this record player, which will save you time and effort.

The sole disadvantage of the Voksun record player is that the lid lacks a locking hinge, which means it could slip off and damage the turntable if not handled carefully. If you’re a handyman, however, this should be a simple fix.


  • A stylish and long-lasting record player with automatic playback.


  • The suitcase lid doesn’t have a locking hinge.

6. Photive SoulTracks Record Player

Photive SoulTracks Record Player

Product Specifications

  • Automatic tone arm stop
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple operation

With an appealing vintage-style suitcase design, the Photive SoulTracks is a representation of a simpler period. The portable record player’s wood and leatherette design are stylish and robust for long-term usage, and it weighs less than 5 pounds. This makes it ideal for youngsters or the elderly to listen to ancient vinyl without straining their backs or shoulders.

This record player is versatile, having three different playback speeds to accommodate all of your vinyl. It also has AUX and a headphone jack, but there are no various functions or modes to confuse you with.

The SoulTracks is designed for collaboration and outstanding sound when paired with the turntable’s automatic stop function. The built-in speakers can easily fill a room with sound, or you can use the RCA connection to connect to external speakers.

The turntable is belt-driven and has a high-quality stylus that can pick up all of your favorite music’s finer characteristics. The sound quality from the in-built speakers isn’t excellent, but it’s much better when you use external speakers.

The SoulTracks by Photive is a decent option if you’re looking for a simple but durable record player that doesn’t strive too hard with extra features.


  • A sharp, mid-range record player with simple controls.


  • The sound quality from the built-in speakers is average.

7. JORLAI Vinyl Portable Record Player

JORLAI Vinyl Portable Record Player

Product Specifications

  • Budget-friendly
  • Automated tonearm
  • Rechargeable battery

The JORLAI record player is portable in every sense of the word: it’s small, light, and comes with a built-in battery for hands-free operation. Metal ornamental panels, retro metal screws, an electroplating knob, and an in-built handle for ease of portability reflect the retro suitcase record player trend.

It’s lightweight, weighing just under 7 pounds, and features built-in speakers and a rechargeable battery, allowing you to stream music wherever and whenever you choose. This is the best portable record player for you if you have romantic notions of lounging outside in the sunshine while listening to classic vinyl records.

We like the JORLAI record player’s user-friendly tonearm, which has a one-touch arm lift lever that moves the arm into position and progressively lowers the stylus. This protects your valuable vinyl while also making your life easier.

With the USB connection and supplied recording software for your computer, it’s also quite simple to convert your vinyl to a digital format. You can see how versatile the JORLAI record player is for your listening needs when you consider the in-built speakers, AUX, headphones, and RCA connectors.

We don’t like how short the record player’s power cord is, as it makes it difficult to place if you want to listen while it charges. However, for a terrific value and adaptable record player with pain-free controls, this is a minor price to pay.


  •  An automatic record player with a built-in battery for listening outside.


  • The short power cord.

8. Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Record Player

Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Record Player

Product Specifications

  • Anti-vibration design
  • Switchable preamp
  • Excellent tracking

The AT-LP60XBT-BK is a freestanding turntable with no built-in speakers, unlike the other portable record players on our list. It is, however, quite light, weighing just about 7 pounds, and can be simply connected to other speakers through Bluetooth or the built-in RCA connection.

It comes with a switchable preamp that allows you to get great sound quality from your bluetooth speakers. It also features an AC adaptor that converts AC/DC current independently from the chassis, resulting in reduced noise and silent operation.

The Audio Technica turntable also has a better design that is both long-lasting and designed for high-resolution playing. This includes an anti-resonance, hefty, and smooth-turning die-cast aluminum platter, as well as a robust tonearm. The outstanding tracking of the high-quality diamond stylus allows for overall good sound quality with audible lows, mids, and highs.

The fact that the turntable is completely automated doesn’t hurt either. The exceptional sound quality that this turntable provides will thrill both beginners and audiophiles. Our only criticism is that the Bluetooth capability with associated devices might be unpredictable, so keep that in mind if your speaker system uses Bluetooth.

You won’t find a better portable record player than the Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK if sound quality is your main priority.


  • A high-end turntable with an excellent sonic design.


  • Inconsistent Bluetooth pairing.

9. GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player

GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player

Product Specifications

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Multiple playback modes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

With its vintage-style design, integrated handle, and light hardwood construction, the GOODNEW is similar to several suitcase record players. Its in-built rechargeable battery, which supports 3 hours of continuous listening, and dual stereo speakers, which can easily fill a room with sound, make it stand out. The GOODNEW record player is perfect for listening to your favorite vinyl while relaxing in your garden.

Other types of playback are supported by this record player, including USB, Bluetooth, and SD card inputs. There are RCA and headphones inputs, as well as an FM radio! The GOODNEW device is capable of producing whatever type of sound you desire.

It’s also quite user-friendly, featuring an automatic off feature that stops your vinyl from spinning when the album reaches its finish. If you’re forgetful, this is an excellent way to extend the life of your record and turntable. You can be confident that your whole collection is compatible with the GOODNEW record player because it can play vinyl at three different speeds.

The irregularity in construction is our biggest critique of this portable record player. While many users have stated that they have had no problems, some have stated that their models are malfunctioning. Those who had defective models were able to quickly exchange them for new ones, which was done for free.

The GOODNEW record player is a solid option if you’re looking for a low-cost record player that can play any type of music wherever.


  • A record player with a low price tag and a lot of features.


  • The quality varies between units.

10. Crosley Voyager CR8017A-SA Record Player

Crosley Voyager CR8017A-SA Record Player

Product Specifications

  • AC and battery powered
  • Customizable sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity

If you’re searching for a mid-range, portable record player with excellent audio quality, the Crosley record player is a great choice. It comes in a vintage-style suitcase design with three appealing colors to match your individuality. We appreciate that the record player can be powered by an AC converter or run on batteries, allowing you complete control over where you may listen to vinyl.

Because of the strong diamond stylus and superb tracking, the turntable reproduces a warm analog sound that does justice to your favorite music. There are three playback speeds available, as well as a slider for pitch control. This means you can listen to your complete record collection, as well as try your hand at DJing and experimenting with sound effects.

The Voyager has built-in stereo speakers that can produce enough volume for private listening or a small group. If you want to mix it up from your record or connect it to external speakers for an extra volume boost, you may connect your smartphone with AUX or Bluetooth wireless.

The Voyager record player’s only flaw is that some consumers have complained about construction irregularities. While many of the units are in good condition, others have missing or broken pieces. If this is the case, you can always return the record player for a replacement, and it’s still a good choice if you’re looking for a mid-range alternative with fantastic sound.


  • A good-looking mid-range alternative with customizable sound and excellent playback.


  • Inconsistency of quality.

11. Victrola Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Product Specifications

  • Value for money
  • Easy controls
  • Superior Bluetooth connection

Victrola is a master at creating vintage-style record players with superb sound and appealing looks. This low-cost option is no exception, with a classic suitcase-style that comes in 32 different colors and patterns to fit your preferences.

It’s also extremely portable and lightweight, weighing less than 3 pounds and including an incorporated handle. The outside design is completed with sound-isolating feet that reduce vibrations and ensure that the record player plays smoothly.

Because of its user-friendly features, we like how easy it is to use the Victrola record player. Input selection, power and volume control knobs, and automatic turntable features are all included. The turntable comes to a halt at the conclusion of your record, saving long-term wear and tear, and the addition of a lift mechanism for raising and lowering the turntable aids in precise positioning without causing harm.

The Victrola record player is more than just a turntable; it can also play music via Bluetooth wireless. It shines in this area, with a stable connection up to 33 feet away from the unit and built-in speakers capable of producing ample volume. It also comes with a custom-tuned preamp to boost sound quality, resulting in a warm, analog playback that does justice to your favorite vinyl recordings.

The provided stylus is of poor quality, which is our only criticism of the Victrola record player. However, given the unit’s low price, upgrading the stylus isn’t a big concern if you want to keep the Victrola player’s excellent quality.


  • A low-cost record player with simple controls and a variety of playback options.


  • The stylus that comes with it isn’t up to par.

12. Victrola Revolution Go Portable Record Player

Product Specifications

  • Retractable handle and detachable guitar strap
  • RCA out home stereo jacks
  • Illuminated knob control
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • 12 hours of battery life

I have to say that the Victrola Revolution Go portable turntable has pleasantly pleased me. A portable turntable has never lived up to expectations in the past. Either the rechargeable battery ran out of power too quickly, or you had to replace the AA batteries every few hours.

I can speak to the fact that this record player has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 12 hours because I tested it personally.

The knob control with built-in verbal confirmation is also a plus. Turning the knob cycles between the numerous options, which include the record player, Bluetooth streaming, and other settings. In a very clear and distinct female voice, the voice confirmation tells you exactly the setting you’re on.

Without it, you might have a hard time figuring out which feature you’re utilizing, so I really enjoy the built-in audio confirmation.

On a less positive note, some folks will undoubtedly experience Bluetooth connectivity issues. What evidence do I have? I know this because every Bluetooth device seems to have connectivity problems now and then.

There are tens of thousands of Bluetooth devices on the market today, so compatibility issues are bound to arise from time to time. As a result, be ready in case anything happens to you.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the Victrola Revolution Go portable record player because of all of its fantastic features. I like the Vinyl StreamTM technology, the handle and detachable strap for easy mobility, the 6.5-pound lightweight turntable, the removable lid that doubles as a vinyl stand, and all of the other great features you’ll love.


  •  3-speed turntable, rechargeable battery built-in


  • Having trouble connecting to Bluetooth.


Music is an adventure. You can directly engage in playing your favorite melodies with a record player. The latest and best portable record players are extremely accessible and inexpensive. Their compact designs allow you to take music with you wherever you go.

Today’s portable record players are available in a wide range of forms and features. Some appear to be more recent, while others appear to be completely old. There are even manual and automatic choices.

Furthermore, record players are equipped with high-quality speaker systems that can often play digital music as well. Whatever you select, you’ll be able to listen to and learn about vinyl everywhere you go.


1. How does a manual record player vary from an automatic record player?

The tonearm function distinguishes a manual from an automatic record player. To correctly place and remove the cartridge from the vinyl record on a manual record player, you must move the tonearm yourself. An automated, on the other hand, does this for you.

If you’re new to record players, an automatic might be the best option. However, there is a middle ground. There are semi-automatic record players that let you manually put the tonearm but then remove it when the record is finished playing.

2. How fast are the RPM record speeds?

This is the rotational speed of the record player. The speed of a record will be one of three options: 33 1/2, 45, or 78. The size of these records varies. In general, the smaller the record, the slower the pace. A smaller record could be damaged if it was played at too rapid a pace.

3. What is a record player’s stylus?

You’ve probably heard of a stylus if you’ve ever heard of a needle on a record player. This is the small element that sits on top of the record player and moves along with it. It is, in fact, the only portion that comes into contact with the vinyl record. Within the cartridge, the component is the stylus.

4. What is a record player’s cartridge?

The thick element at the end of the tonearm on a record player is this. It’s crucial for getting the finest sound out of your turntable. The cartridge is where all of the vibrations from the record are routed and turned into sound. There are a few distinct types of cartridges, each with its own tip top shape.

5. What is the tonearm’s function?

This is the extension that helps you to correctly position the cartridge on the record. It must be maintained because it is essential for delivering sound to the record player’s speakers. Some tonearms are operated manually, but newer record players now have semi-automatic and automatic alternatives.

6. Do portable record players use batteries?

This is not always the case. Some portable record players, including those with rechargeable batteries, are powered by batteries. There are also corded record players that require an outlet.

7. Can external speakers be connected to record players?

Yes. The majority of portable record players will have an RCA output for connecting external speakers. Some portable record players have RCA converter cables, making the operation much easier.

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