5 Best Monitor Stands you should buy in 2021

Best studio monitor stand

There are endless ways you can overhaul your home chronicle studio. Truth be told, regularly, it’s close to a molded chunk of metal. We’re discussing studio monitor stands, which give a committed space to your speakers to live. All things considered, your studio monitors are what interfaces you with the music you’ve recorded, so it bodes well to treat them with a touch of adoration. 

For what reason are speaker stands one of our number one redesigns? Permit us to clarify our thinking, and show you some incredible alternatives out there for your home studio. 

What are studio monitor stands? 

Studio monitor stands are, basically, basic things. They work, as you’d envision, by giving a raised space on which your monitor speakers can stand. Their value, in any case, far surpasses their straightforwardness. Just as giving a devoted space to your monitors to sit, they offer up specific advantages in the method of sound execution, which we’ll layout beneath. They additionally have certain viable advantages which, everything considered, make them one of the more helpful buys you can make to update your chronicle studio. 

What are their key highlights? 

There two or three distinct types of studio monitor stands you’ll discover. Work area studio monitor stands dwell, as you’d envision, around your work area and give a raised situation to the speakers. Committed stands, in the meantime, are detached and permit you to decouple the speakers from your studio work area. The two sorts will probably highlight – or if nothing else give the choice for – some sort of acoustic disconnection which goes about as a cradle between the stand and the lower part of the speaker. This upgrades bass proliferation and reduces the vibrations caused at higher listening volumes. 

Despite which type you decide on, you’ll need to guarantee the speakers stands are durable and not liable to wobble. The capacity to change the stature is likewise significant, as you’ll have to find them at the right tallness for your ears. A few stands likewise permit you to change the point of the speaker, so you can track down the ideal equilibrium for your studio and listening position. 

What are the advantages of utilizing studio monitor stands? 

Utilizing monitor speakers stands ought to give a moment advantage to your chronicle rig. This is on the grounds that, not at all like ordinary hello fi speakers which are intended to occupy a room with sound, studio monitors are intended for reference. They are designed so as to give an instrument to basic tuning in, assisting makers with adjusting and blend their sounds. In the event that you can make a sound satisfying on a bunch of monitors, you can be sure it’ll sound great on some other speaker. 

To do this current, it’s significant – fundamental, truth be told – that the monitors sit level with the ears of whoever is utilizing them. At the point when you’re beginning, a bunch of racks (or even a heap of books) can accomplish this impact, however for those with an eye on improving their arrangement, a couple of expert studio monitor stands make everything more… proficient. Racks, for instance, are incredible for howdy fi speakers yet for monitoring they can cause issues with bass frequencies. 

This is the place where disconnection comes in – isolating the speaker from the floor, work area or rack improves the sound propagation enormously as you’re not losing bass frequencies as vibration. 

There’s likewise the side advantage of reasonableness. It stands to reason that, as a maker, you have a steadily developing arms stockpile of stuff. Everything from synths to samplers, and from audio interfaces to impacts units. This stuff takes up important land on your studio work area, so eliminating the monitor speakers from the condition implies you can add more fundamental stuff to your arrangement. 

Will studio monitor stands make me a superior content creator? 

Similarly a more costly guitar amp will not really make you a superior guitarist, a bunch of committed studio monitor speakers won’t in themselves improve you at delivering. They will anyway improve the sound you can hear and give you a superior possibility of evaluating your accounts which, thusly, will improve your capacity. 

Consider everything as giving yourself the most obvious opportunity with regards to creating as a maker. With your speakers set in the right position, you’re permitting your sound to inhale and guaranteeing every one of those contending frequencies can be appropriately adjusted in the blend. 

Here are the absolute best studio monitor stands accessible today, with alternatives for all spending plans.

Best Studio Monitor Stands

SMS6000-P studio monitor stands

SMS6000-P studio monitor stands
  • SturdyGreat value
  • Can hold bigger monitors

While the brand name itself is a misnomer – these are certainly studio stands, not stage – the On-Stage SMS6000-P makes for an amazing prologue to devoted studio monitor stands. These detached stands are developed from curve welded steel and, all things considered, are extreme. With five distinctive stature positions, they are ideal for either situated or standing positions, and have swappable feet so can be found similarly well on the cover or hard floors. 

They accompany a slim portion of froth which goes about as a simple isolator – we’d have favored something more considerable – however in any case these stands are the ideal update for most home chronicle arrangements.

IsoAcoustics ISO-155 studio monitor stands

IsoAcoustics ISO-155 studio monitor stands
  • Great and innovative design for a floor chair
  • Vibration feature
  • Surround speaker experience 

In the event that your work area is huge enough that you need the speakers to stay there, or assuming you have a raised situation for your screen effectively, a good on-work area speaker stands arrangement could be the appropriate response. The IsoAcoustics ISO-155 is an incredible illustration of expert on-work area stands that give the disconnection and height expected to blend and dominate precisely. 

As the names recommend, disconnection is a vital advantage here because of the ISO-155’s coasting configuration, guaranteeing bass frequencies are duplicated precisely and neatly. The slant change implies they can be exactly situated to accommodate your current circumstance, as well. 

Gator Frameworks Clamp-On Studio Monitor Stands

Gator Frameworks Clamp-On Studio Monitor Stands
  • Durable design
  • Tilt adjustment

For anybody with restricted space in their studio, devoted separate stands aren’t generally a feasible alternative. The Gator Clamp-On stands offer an incredible trade-off, by empowering you to join the stands straightforwardly to your work area. This both hoists and confines the speaker, and furthermore opens up important space in the work area itself. 

The Gator stands are fit for holding generally enormous monitor speakers – up to 60lbs each – and are slant movable up to 15 degrees. Everything considered a phenomenal answer for more modest studio proprietors. 

Argosy Spire Classic 36″ studio monitor stands

Argosy Spire Classic 36" studio monitor stands
  • Incredible looking stands
  • Last a lifetime

While on-work area monitor stands are extraordinary as an answer, for the expert studio proprietor they can look somewhat… novice. In case you’re inviting customers to your studio, you will require something somewhat more outwardly amazing. The Argosy Spire Classic studio monitor stands fit the bill consummately, giving the harmony between the specialized components you need from a bunch of stands – disconnection and rise – yet still look like something from a very good quality audiophile arrangement. 

The Spire Classics come in both 36″ and 42″ varieties, which is great as they’re not tallness customizable, but rather in the event that those stature choices work for you, they’re not difficult to suggest. 

Ultimate Support MS-100B studio monitor stands 

Ultimate Support MS-100B studio monitor stands
  • Vigorous design
  • Superb isolation

Preferably, in a bunch of studio monitor stands, you’ll need the ideal mix of solidness and disconnection. Solidness guarantees they will not fall over and drop your valued monitors, and segregation implies the sound you hear isn’t being affected by vibrations. 

The Ultimate Support MS-100 arrangement of unsupported studio monitor stands follows through on the two fronts. The aluminum development is inflexible and can withstand the odd wobble, while the high-thickness acoustic froth on which the monitors sit will ensure nothing is lost sonically as the sound goes from the speaker to your ear. They’re costly, certain, however as an oddball buy they’re strongly suggested. 

Argosy Spire 420i studio monitor stands

Argosy Spire 420i studio monitor stands
  • IsoAcoustic innovation included
  • Cable administration is useful

For the more settled studio, a bunch of top notch monitor stands is an insightful speculation. The Argosy Spire 420i would make an extraordinary choice for expert clients on account of various slick contacts. The Spire 420i set highlights a similar IsoAcoustic innovation we illustrated higher up the rundown, which means the sound has the most ideal seclusion from its base, while Argosy guarantees the point of the stand legs themselves has been decided to ‘direct’ solid in the correct heading. 

Indeed, these are more expensive than different alternatives in the rundown, yet the advantages are clear for the individuals who can bear the cost of them. The in-stand link directing is a pleasant touch as well.


This includes our guide on studio monitor stands. Remember, these adjustable studio monitor stands can also be used for various other tasks such as to monitor speaker stands or monitor floor stands. It all depends on your needs and how you want to use them, at the end of the day you need to find the perfect option for your own studio from the above-mentioned options.

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