The Battery-Powered Apple HomePod Was Close To Being Released

The Battery-Powered Apple HomePod Was Close To Being Released

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple contemplated releasing a battery-powered HomePod at one point. According to reports, the business went as far as building a prototype gadget before abandoning the project.

Gurman says the battery-powered smart speaker was the topic of ‘internal conversations’ a few years ago in the current issue of his Power On newsletter. Let the oohs and ahhs begin.

This revelation’s timing is undoubtedly unusual. The announcement comes less than a week after Apple announced the discontinuation of the Beats Pill+, the company’s final surviving Bluetooth speaker.

Battery-Powered Apple HomePod

“I’d be astonished if [a battery-powered speaker] was ever released under the Apple name,” Gurman adds. “I’m guessing if Apple gets back into the battery-powered speaker business, it’ll be under the Beats name.”

Is it possible that a new Beats smart speaker is on the way? Maybe Beats is working on a 21st-century ghetto blaster to compete with Monster’s new Monster Blaster 3.0 Boombox. Given that Apple’s H1 processor is used in Beats’ newest headphones, there’s no reason why a new Beats smart speaker couldn’t have Apple Airplay 2 and Siri voice capabilities.

Speculation notwithstanding, it is doubtful that Apple would revive the concept of a battery-powered HomePod anytime soon, but we’re crossing our fingers for a HomePod 2 this year. It has a touch-sensitive display and high-resolution support.

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