Introducing DOX.
Portable power for your Amazon Echo Dot. Coming soon.

Elevate the Dot with VAUX.

Same Dot. Better everything else.

With VAUX, you get the same great Dot experience plus better sound, no cords, and a smart, beautiful design.


Connect the dots.

Simply place your Dot into the top of VAUX, plug-in internal connectors and you're good to go.

Set your Dot free.

VAUX's built-in battery gives you cordless freedom and lets you enjoy Dot from anywhere in your home.

Dot has never looked or sounded better.

VAUX delivers high quality audio and looks good doing it. We've wrapped premium speakers in beautiful acoustic fabric, making VAUX fit seamlessly into your space while filling it with great sound.

Cut the Cord.

With VAUX's built-in rechargeable battery, you get up to 6 hours of cordless freedom to untether with Dot anywhere, anytime.


Traditionally, accessories tend to play a passive role. At Ninety7, we see them as something larger than an impulsive "me too" purchase. Our goal is to create a range of premium accessories that elevate the product experience. Not just a longer cable or a different color case. We make things that make things better.


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